Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy shalalala!

So instead of posting my own OOTD,I've decided to post my "Not so little sister's" outfit for today HAHA! Because it's so cute that she feel's it's so taylor swift-ish haha! Well,it's great to see her having fun while wearing those outfit ensemble...Maybe I should force her to make her own blog just for fun and also to post some of her latest OOTD's. She's really fashionable,she loves to wear girly and edgy outfits haha! I'm so proud of her fashion sense,unlike mine,I'm so baduy and lazy when it comes to dressing up everyday or every weekend :x. I just wear clothes that I'm comfortable with and I do not force myself to wear clothes that I didn't like so that's why hehe! Till my next post of my sister's next outfit ;) Happy Mother's day!<3

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