Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I know pictures like these(above) are very common because it is known as "Light writing" photography and since I'm bored with just capturing random things including my own selfie image or what-so-ever haha! And it's super cool pala to use the night landscape blahblahblah effect in my camera and so that's why I ended up capturing two of the photo's above hehe,and I'm not going to post the other shots that I've also captured because they weren't really that cool unlike these two photo's above hehe,Thank you! Hope you'll appreciate my own weird and not so creative shots ;)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

WIth some of the bloggers @ bu5(Incomplete)


Super happy to have finally met one of my favorite and super creative/artistic blogger Reesypeasy that what I call Reese lansangan hehe :) <3 I'm so in love with her cutenessssss overload loooook !

Marese with The Enciso sisters:)

Well,obviously I edited my face haha :) 

Thumbs up with Ms.lissa kahayon ;)
Will post again the other photos tomorrow hehe ;) to be continued....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bloggers United 5

So it's our first time to attend the Bloggers United 5 held at SMX convention center yesterday and we're  shocked with the number of people we've seen there because it's our first time nga,so that's why haha! :)) So I'm not going to put some photo captions muna because I'm still sober from BU5 haha lol! And I didn't bought anything except for the fancy accessories that I've bought from the booths of Maggie Wilson,Tin Iglesias & Camille Co because it's super hassle to buy shoes and clothes cos of the overflowing buyers/bloggers haha!So that's all,Hope you guyz will appreciate all the photo's,Thankies!:)