Monday, May 6, 2013

A modest happiness:)

This picture is a souvenir shot back when I'm still a 1st year high school during our tour hehe...Chillin' like a villain with The US Pres. hehe lol!
I'm so obsessed reading both of these book's above hehe...I just can't get enough reading them even though I didn't get enough of what I'm expecting in the end...bitin...But there's another book 3 soooon...So I'll wait for it no matter what..hehe

Ahhh..French macarons.French macarons....I really am a sucker when it comes to french macaroons...Buy me some!hehe..

Write.write.write..It's been months since I've started writing my first thoughts on my journal and gosh I still can't believe that I have collected many thoughts of mine since now,well I'd hope that many more thoughts to write hehe...

Super effort for the title of my personal cork board hehe...Couldn't have done this without the help of old magazines hehe


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