Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Guess what? My college life had just started last week haha and it's kinda cool though. So I'm really nervous at first because I always imagine my 1st day as a college student  to be so hard but I guess just a little hehe:))) The first day of schooooool was kinda' hard..kinda' cos you know,I'm from the province and some of my blockmates were from manila so that's obviously one of the main reason why I'm nervous haha!!! I have lack of experience interacting with different kinds of people because I have a very low self-confidence unlike others :((( Well,the good news is that I've met new friends hehe and it's really fun to be with them,but I also miss my HS FRIENDS and of course my FAMILY huhu :(( I'm so sadddd....Sometimes I feel so alone that I always think of my family because I only live in a dorm far away from my family,it's so heartbreaking for me</3 OUCH!!! But I can do this!! I do hope soooo....

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