Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hi everyone! So this is my good(looking) college friend Josepeña who doesn't like being called by that name haha. She requested me to become her official photographer for a little photoshoot for her upcoming 19th birthday this coming September and yup I'm pretty sure I was the one who took the photos above haha and just like her unique name, she's also a very unique person because of her great personality and I'm not only writing this because we're friends but it's true, she's one the most down to earth person that I've met. I can't imagine what my college life would be without her and the whole PLB Gang (hello ayla!!!). So Jopeng, if you're reading this post, I hope you will not get mad at me for posting your gorgeous photos that you think are ugly(which made me sad when you said you don't look good in those photos because I think that you are, you look great kaya! ;-) #Werkit)without your consent haha. Hope you like it!!! Advance.. P.S, I'll be posting more of our future photoshoots here so stay tuned!!

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