Friday, August 9, 2013

Cafè Noriter

Cafè Noriter is a nice place to hang-out with your family and friends because of its nice and cozy ambiance that makes you wanna stay there forever and forever haha! (Well it depends...) So one of my friends told me that we should try cafe noriter because of it's one of a kind korean-ish vibe and their concept is so cool, like you can vandalised their wooden walls(but make sure to bring your own marker or pen) and write or draw anything you like whether it's about random shits or horny ones HOHO! while others wrote out of this world words which made me laugh so hard haha!!! :) <<#FREEDOMOFEXPRESSION>> Make sure to visit Cafè Noriter, it is located along Taft Avenue in front of DLSU (above Tapa King).

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