Friday, July 19, 2013

Lets post it!!!

Just sharing to you guys my new favorite FROYO from BONCHON <3 #Blueberry Torte

I did the one on the left side chost!! (KIDDING!) Mine's on  the right side hehe because I'm a tattoo artist wannabe hoho!!

Bluhhh!! Yummy colorful cereal <3 I love eating anything colourful including this well except for crayonssss huhu because they're choking hazard hehe:p (I'm just KIDDING again!! "Laugh")

Because I have NEW WASHI TAPESSS HIHI<3 they're my guilty pleasures right now :))

Oh well,It's been 1 month since I've posted my last blog update hihi and it's all because of my hectic college schedule. I've been busy reviewing for our midterm exams hehe ;) 

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